Monday, 12 May 2014 08:44

Spotlight on start-ups and entrepreneurs at the U-Start Conference in Milan

U-Start Conference is an international event that is held in Milan
every May and powered by U-Start. It is specifically focused on the
tech industry and the aim of the conference which takes place from
13-14 May, is to enable high-potential start-ups in that space to
grow, get investment and become a part of the global ecosystem of top

The conference connects investors and entrepreneurs from different
ecosystems, building up the so-called U-Entrepreneurs global network.
The coverage of the event reflects the strong presence of U-Start in
some of the most promising emerging markets, such as Brazil, South
Africa, Chile, Turkey and Russia.

Through a strict vetting and criteria process only the most exciting
startups will be selected and invited to the main event in Milan,
where they will have the chance to present and demo to international

James Durrant, founder and Mentor of Mamba Mentors and digital
production agency, Bluegrass Digital (amongst others) that was founded
by James at the start of the dot com era and continues to thrive
today, has been invited to address the conference about the
entrepreneurial tech space in Africa.

Durrant’s passion lies in his innate ability to identify the potential
of a great idea and thereby enable the process of bringing it to life
with his experience in establishing businesses in South Africa and the
UK. His long-standing involvement in the tech industry in South Africa
and the UK has afforded him the expertise and credibility to
successfully guide start-ups.

According to U-Start CEO, Stefano Guidotti, “I've had the luck to
being connected to James by one of our key people in South Africa,
where James is well respected and admired by everybody working in the
startup/VC ecosystem. James is one of the most driven and illuminated
mentors and early stage investors I've ever met, and his commitment to
fostering entrepreneurship in Africa is as powerful as effective. If I
had an ongoing investment in an early stage company in Africa, I would
definitely seek his advice and guidance, and having him on board would
be a top quality risk moderator.”